Course Enrollment


Class Enrollment: 

Enrollment is limited, so fill out this form at your earliest convience to enroll your child:

Course Length and Semester Start Dates: 

Introductory Latin: August 29th-December 30th

Latin I: August 29th-May 19th

Latin II: August 29th-May 19th

Exceptions may be made, please contact Magister Audrain at


Introductory Latin and Latin I (Latin 1): 

  • 100% free of instructional charges.
  • $20 Fee for the National Latin Exam taken in March (self-order)

Latin II (Latin 2)

  • $25/per student per year. 
  • $20 Fee for the National Latin Exam taken in March (self-order).


  • Students will communicate with their Magister via email or message.
  • Assignments will be completed and turned in on time, unless the student has contacted their Magister to ask for an extension/help, in which case one will most often be given.
  • All student work that will be submitted will be their own work. 
  • Students will set aside time to study the language and use it to their best ability. 

By enrolling in this course, you and your discipulus/a understand the expectations and will fulfill them.